Making a Doll Quilt


The MAIDA Creatives group is going to do a group exploration in color and fun by making doll quilts. Kind of like a modern digital quilting bee but we each are going to make our own quilts. I've invited people at large to join in on my Facebook business page which you can find here:

Do you want to make one, too?
The finish date is November 30th.
Pick your own pattern.
You MUST USE fabric you already own.
No buying new fabric.
This is a screen capture from my Pinterest board of doll quilts. Something simple and straightforward. Here's a link to my Pinterest board of doll quilts -
Kathleen Tracy has a Facebook group focused on making small quilts. Her blog is here. I have her book somewhere! And she offers some Free quilt patterns.

Let's start playing with color!

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