More of Grammy Grace's Old Cookie Recipes

I've been searching for THE perfect molasses cookie recipe. I have a good one. But it's not exactly as soft as the ones I like made at a local store. Usually, I just buy their cookies, because I don't need a thousand cookies hanging around my house. 

Anyway, I remembered that in Grammy Grace's recipe box there were several molasses cookie recipes. She died long before I was born. She didn't write down specifics in her recipes, because I guess specifics were a given back in the 1940's, and many cooks cooked by instinct and long experience. 

I think this collection was from around the 1940's as there was a clipping with a date of 1941 in it. I'm going to start with the Molasses Cookie recipe which has no sugar. I bet that was a wartime recipe, because sugar was rationed, so clever cooks learned to use molasses. Molasses was a consistent order in their supplies list, some of which she also saved. If you try any of these recipes, report back! 

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! 

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