What to Bring Forward

Instead of making a list of things that I need/want to change, I'm making a list of what I did in the past year things I would like to see continue in the coming year. It makes more sense to start from a list of what worked than what didn't. A long time ago I read a book called Organizing from the Inside Out. One thing I remember from the book was the encouragement to look for what worked and start from there. A long time ago when I was feeling anxious about what I wasn't getting done, Jan Conwell reminded me to remember what I had done. I had not given myself credit for cooking, food shopping, laundry, etc. Things you just consider part of the machinery of keeping house. But it actually does take time. 

Some positive things from the past year: 

  • Did a presentation on Izannah Walker dolls via Zoom to a DC based doll club which went pretty well. It also helped solidify my own knowledge and give me some ideas about Izannah's work. 
  • Learned to use ZOOM! 
  • Hosted Zoom meetings with some other crafter/artists. 
  • Painted imperfect art using a drawing app on my iPad when it was challenging to create at all.
  • Made phone calls from my car, looking at a beautiful landscape. (Phone calls are hard to do uninterrupted at home).
  • Made delicious soups.
  • The heated garage and a gas fireplace, blessed my life this year. Reminds me to continue to make changes in my home to serve us better. We made some choices which increased the usable spaces in our house which was maxed out while people worked from home and my older son had staff working with him as well. 
  • Took advantage of medical protections available, which meant more freedom. 
  • Made a mini quilt. It was fun to try something different. 
  • I accepted some things that didn't work. Or won't work. This is a positive thing. 
  • Had to speak up in some scenarios and did. 
  • Resigned from a committee which was having meetings when I couldn't attend. 
  • Pushed for some things my older son needs. I will always have to do this. 
  • Ate a LOT more veggies. Go me! 
  • Weeded out and organized my fabric stash (a huge job!) 
  • Had a tomato garden in a very hard year. 
  • Continued decluttering and getting rid of stuff I'm not using. 
  • Bought a beautiful painting by a lovely doll artist friend who resumed painted during the pandemic.
  • Bought a boat to use at the lake (so glad!) 
  • Accepted that the 10 year couch was well, worn OUT. Ha! Bought something serviceable and didn't wait for perfect. 
  • Made an Izannah Walker doll using the molds I made from my antique doll. 
  • My youngest son graduated from college, moved home for the summer and then to NYC.
  • Left some expectations for myself behind. Just being realistic! 
This was good to do. It helps me to see that in a very hard year good things happened, too. I will bring these forward with me into 2022.  Of course I have a list of things to get rid of and stop doing. That will be forever.  ;-) 


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Daisy Debs said...

Well , I think you did a great job of last year . Happy New Year to you and lots of new adventures ! :)

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden