Reproduction Izannah Walker Dolls:
There's More Than One Way to Sing a Song

Not long ago, on social media, Jorgen Dahl Moe's version of Bruce Springstein's song Dancing in the Dark came across my feed. I was amazed at how such an iconic song was interpreted in a spare way with only guitar and vocal and no driving background beat. It made me listen to the lyrics more closely, and understand them in a different way. You can watch that video here. 

Jorgen felt freedom to take an iconic song and express it very differently. That video was an encouragement to me in making my own version of pressed cloth Izannah Walker dolls using the mold I made of my antique Izannah Walker dolls. 

In 2010 I wrote a blog post about Reproduction Izannah Walker dolls over on Maida Today. It's been fun over the years for me to see people express their love of Izannah Walker dolls and make what I think of as "Izannah Walker honor dolls". It's been fun to sculpt dolls of paperclay of my own design, and it's fun to make pressed cloth dolls and poured composition dolls made from my antique doll. It's been fun to see how we all "sing the Izannah song" using a variety of materials in different ways. 

As I posted over on MAIDA twelves years ago, I will still be sculpting my own Dixie dolls, even while I bring the Hopestill clan alive from the antique Izannah Walker doll mold. After all, there's more than one way to sing a song! 

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