Ten Hours of Driving Was Worth It

The planets aligned so that during my husband's vacation time he could be with our son, making it possible for me to get away to visit FIVE Izannah Walker dolls which will be offered at auction by Withington's on October 20th. Visiting these dolls together was like taking a Master Class in Izannah Walker dolls. A huge thank you to Larry and Marcia Leizure of Withington's.  I will be sharing more images of dolls on the Izannah Walker Chronicles. 

I drove 10 hours total to spend 4 hours visiting the Izannah dolls. I spent the night at a hotel the night before so I would be somewhat fresh. But as you can see in the non-professional selfie above, my hair was askew. Just before I left I remembered to take a picture with the dolls. It was a magical time, and who cares about hair?  

Studying Izannah Walker dolls has been a thread in my life since 2006.  I have been lucky (and thankful!) to have opportunities to see Izannah Walker dolls in person. These opportunities required effort on my part and spending money and time to get there to see them. I am so thankful for the doors which opened when I have asked to document dolls. In the next week or so, I will share some images on the Izannah Walker Chronicles.  If you can travel TO Withington's for the auction, you should do it, because there are MANY treasures to be auctioned in addition to these wonderful Izannah Walker dolls. 

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Elaine said...

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful experience and these dolls
Elaine Sarnoff

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