Deep Dive: Making Art Prints Using Gel Plates

Gel plates  have been around for quite a while, and have been used a lot in the crafting world. I own several Gelli-Arts plates which I have used in a more crafty approach making botanical images by pressing leaves. 

I'm interested in how these are being used as a tool to make fine art. If you are interested in gel printing, the following resources are excellent. We are so lucky to live in a time where the internet allows you to do a deep dive learning about new art types and techniques. If I were going to recommend only two art channels on gel printing, it would be the following: 

Mark Yeates YouTube Channel offers many technique videos on using gel plates. His voice matches his generosity of spirit in sharing these techniques. His use of resist techniques is fascinating. He is based in the UK. 

Fulton Sim's YouTube Channel is a treasure trove of technique demonstrations for using gel plates to make art prints. He is based in Brooklyn, NY. His website says he has an MFA in Printmaking from Pratt Institute. Fulton Sim uses masking techniques a lot in his videos, and these are fascinating when they get to the final reveal. 

The above two channels will teach you a LOT about printmaking using gel plates specifically, if you try the techniques. I'm slowly and imperfectly trying each technique in a small format way. 

Linda German's site is another resource focused on "printmaking without a press".  She uses plates made of gelatin. I've made gelatin plates before, and they are fun. Many of the techniques used on gelatin plates transfer to gel plates.  

There are other tutorials on using gel plates that are worth viewing - many are excellent, while some have a tip or two that I want to remember. My collection of printmaking videos is here:

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