Catching Up!

I forget that each year Christmas brings what is essentially another part-time job with it. Why do I forget this? And today, joy of joys, I get to go to the DMV to register a vehicle. But I'm very happy to have the vehicle. It's a truck that I intend to take to the auction on a clear winter day. ;-)

Last week I worked on the wooden doll. I have a few things I've done - made her a dress with the arms attached to the dress rather than the doll.

My idea is that if someone wanted her to be a dressed doll, they could use that. But if they liked her in her more primitive form, then they could leave her without the dress. Maybe I'll give some angel wings to go with her. So essentially it would be two creations in one. Someone will either really love that or think it's freaky.

I had a stand with a dowel in it and thought "Hmmmm. Wonder if the hole on the bottom is the same size?" It was a tight fit and I like the elevation.

Well, stay tuned.
I have a few more changes
and then she'll probably
be listed on Sunday.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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