Christmas Traditions

Decorating the tree as a family is one of our traditions. I especially love pulling out particular ornaments that I've owned since I first got out of college. Also, I participated in a couple of swaps, and that was great fun!

The ornament above
my sons and I made one year
from cinnamon dough.

I received this beautiful papier mache
box figure from Nina Mason, of Nina Mason Dolls.
It has exquisite details.

Thanks, Nina!

I received the wonderful folk art
doll ornament above
and below from JoJo Crow Primtives.
I love it so much! JoJo also sent some
fun fabric, and some stockinette and
some candles! Thanks, JoJo!

I purchased this little ornament below
from Megan Holloway. He is so wonderful!

My son made this paper blue bird
when he was young.
I treasure it!

A dollhouse doll I bought on Ebay above.

I've had the fairy above
since I graduated from college.
It was one of the first
ornaments I ever purchased.

My first year with my own Christmas tree,
in an apartment in Gorham, Maine,
I made ornaments from cornstarch dough.
I had very little money that year
because I was making $6,800 a year
as an educational technician.
I made about 20 and this is
the last surviving one.
My son "customized" it one year.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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