Elizabeth May Hope

Elizabeth May Hope

I've made some progress on Big Girl. She now has a name, a new set of legs, a petticoat, and two slippers. Next will come pantaloons and a dress. :-)

I took suggestions offered by you all and combined them together. I wanted to have the word HOPE in her name, and came up with Elizabeth May Hope. She's supposed to be finished soon, so that's why the May is there. I like this name. Plus, Elizabeth may hope that she gets finished in May! She will - once they have a whole body and underwear I know they're close to going to live with their new owners. And now she has a name!

Does your creation zone look this messy? It always looks like this when I'm in the middle of a project.

I set myself the task of
making some shoes based on some
worn by an antique papier mache doll.
I used felted wool, but the original shoes
were made of sateen. Very simple.

I figured out how to make some trim
from a felted wool sweater by mistake.
I love when I discover a technique by mistake!

Some stockings would be nice...
she asking for the ones from the antique doll
at the top of my work table bookshelves.
But I am saying no to that!

I might make her some out of a cotton t-shirt.

Then again, it IS May, and summer is coming.

Stay tuned. Between diggin' up old ancestors
and gardening and little league baseball
I am determined to get her finished!

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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