Day 7: Focus on HOPE

My new antique Izannah Walker doll is on the right.  Her name is HOPE.  Hope has a lot to teach me. 

Comfort is the name of my Izannah Walker inspired doll on the left.  At first, these two dollies weren't sure what to make of each other.  Comfort had been trying on Honor Goodfolk's dress for size.   Honor is the prototype doll for my Izannah Walker Workshop pattern.  

Soon Comfort and Hope were becoming friends, 
holding hands and looking at each other 
through the corners of their eyes.  

Comfort shared her arm with Hope, saying,  
"Don't give up, Hope!  Soon enough you will get a new arm. I've heard Dollmaker talking to herself about how to make an arm that helps you but doesn't change you at all. I'm getting legs and thumbs and you'll get an arm!" 

Comfort is such a sweet patient child.  
She has gone through the stockinet application process twice!  
She even has a video to prove it!"

Pretty soon, Hope was trying on Honor's dress. It fit perfectly.  So Hope will be getting a new dress in subdued colors to suit her. 

I've decided to sell the dress pattern from the Izannah Walker Workshop separately.  So if you're into dressing dolls, but not making them, you can purchase a PDF pattern for the Izannah Walker dress pattern

I want to thank Mary Bean 
for sending Honor Goodfolk back to me.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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