Day 6: FOCUS By Writing Things Down

Nester has been having us think about what we want our homes to be by using words to describe them.  And today's post was to come up with a word we DON'T want our homes to be.  

I'm not great at making lists.  If someone were to take a video of my brain they would see all the things I like to do and need to do swirling around in my brain.   Yup.  I'm a swirler.  It's something I need to change. For a long time, I was able to keep things straight in my brain and felt I didn't need them. It felt like wearing a girdle for my brain. So I kept my calendar in my head.  Until I hit my mid 40's.  Then I started having what my husband calls "calendar issues."  

I couldn't keep it all in my head any more.  It has been an adjustment to me to admit that I need to write things down.   But it's important to just accept it and do.  It's part of focusing.  Lots of organizational gurus preach that making a list increases productivity.  The act of writing something down is powerful. 

And list-making can help you be healthier, because "each time you cross something off, it's a mental reminder that you're making progress, an advance that's both gratifying and empowering."  ~ source

It doesn't have to be 1 - 99 in list fashion.  It can be in overlapping bubbles.  It can be on index cards you shuffle.  But putting it down in writing gets it out of the swirly spot in your brain.  

Here are some articles I've found helpful in the productivity department:

Here are some posts I've written about getting things done.  Here are some posts I've written about having goals. I write a lot about this kind of stuff because I'm not very good at doing it.   But I hope to improve!

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Jan Conwell said...

I need to make a list right now...but I always tend to put too much on it, and it becomes overwhelming. Maybe a stack of cards would be better. Not sure if I have that many cards.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden