Okay, Back to Izannah Walker

A question from a doll researcher about my dolls and looking at the Plain-N-Simple Izannah inspired dolls I own made me want to make an Izannah Walker inspired doll in a smaller size. So I have one baking in the oven (drying and hardening the paperclay) right now. This one will be a girl, but my next Izannah inspired doll will be a little boy. I know just the profile I want to use as my inspiration. I just need to make the pattern for a body.

I have a few dolls in the works right now. The Izannah above is one. There is a black Maggie-Bessie doll made from a Susan Fosnot pattern that needs a dress. I love that pattern. You should get it if you're a dollmaker. I also have a doll body all made and dressed of my own pattern, and I've decided I want to add paperclay and use an antique paper mache doll as the inspiration for her.

I love having several dolls in process at once. That way if one is drying or if I'm stuck on one I can shift my attention to another. It's so much fun!

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