Afraid of dolls?

I have repainted Lumpy Bumpy about 4 times. The last time I just wiped everything off because it wasn't going well and decided I would try again later. But some of the eyes and mouth remained and a house-guest thought he was scary. Did you know that some people are actually afraid of dolls? And clowns? Well, clowns I can understand, but dolls?

Okay, in his present state he does have a little bit of an ominous look about him. But that will change. His mama (that's me!) will take care of that. You are NOT leaving the house looking like that, Young Man!

Silly Dixie


Gerushia's New World said...


I must say that as much as I love dolls and love to make dolls, I am one of those folks that are often afraid of dolls. For me, clown dolls are a double whammy!!

I can remember being a little girl and laying awake at night watching my doll. I always slept with one of my dolls. I would watch her and almost dare her to blink or move her head. Once, just once, I think she twitched. Just a little twitch, just enough to make me question my sanity.

I stopped sleeping with my dolls at that point. I brought my soft little stuffed panda bear to bed with me instead.

Garden Painter Art

dolls of yore said...

Hi Dix,
Lumpy has great personality, even with his wiped off face. Most of my dolls have several faces under their many layers of paint. I once read that "art is never finished, it is just abandoned."

Tracy Carpenter said...

Dear Dixie,
I just found this site and I am delighted. I look for your work often. Patience reminds me of you every day. She says Hi mom!
I have been thinking about making a doll for a long time, and now I am starting to look for patterns. I wanted to ask you for any recommendations on finding a good pattern of an early American type body, similar to Patience or an Izannah type. Any help would be much appreciated! Sincerely, Tracy Carpenter

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