Mary- Beth Gets a Dress!

I've been working on this doll for weeks. My other job was very busy so doll-making has been behind a bit. Yesterday I finally got her a basic dress started. I love the little antique trim at the waist-line and she's just so sweet in person. I haven't kept any of my dolls yet - have sold them all, but she's tempting to keep. A perfect size. Made with Susan Fosnot's Maggie Bessie pattern - and I decided to name her something with M-B and came up with Mary-Beth.


Christine Crocker said...

Mary-Beth is such a pretty girl,Dixie. Congratulations on getting your dolly dress nearly done!
She is a very pretty baby, I look forward to seeing her finished. The dress fabric is really nice, I love the pattern in it.
I had a row of lace flowers like that on a dress I made in jr high...yes, it's antique now! and quite fashionable...she's lovely.

Denise Aumick said...

She's adorable! The row of trim is the perfect touch.

Unknown said...

Awwwwww. Your dollie is wonderful!!!! The Scary one from pevious post will come out, just put him in the corner. Mica

Dixie Redmond said...

Thanks, all, for the comments. I bought the trim on Ebay and it was labeled as "chemical lace". I have no idea what that means. I know it's not really antique...just vintage, Christine ;-)


Deb said...

So very sweet!

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