Perspective is EVERYTHING...

A well-wisher left a birthday message for me that said "45 is just 29 with 16 years experience!". Yes, indeed, it is. ;-) Perspective changes everything. Truth be told, on the inside I still feel 16 some days.

Here's another situation where perspective is everything. I got an e-mail from Ebay that said, "Exciting changes are coming..." And my response is "Be afraid, be very afraid." I (and thousands of other sellers) have a kind of love/hate relationship with Ebay. It's wonderful to have a venue to sell art, but it seems like I'm getting less and less for my dollar. Hey, Ebay Czars, if you can figure out how to make "exciting changes to the feedback system" then why can't you figure out "exciting ways for my listed item to hit the search engines immediately" for the time I paid for? Okay, okay. As my family would say, "Sarc alert! Sarc alert!" (sarcasm alert).

Signs of Spring - daylily shoots are about 2 inches out of the ground. Birds are singing their songs!

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"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden