This Izannah Update Has Been Brought to You By...

Well, she looks a little worried. I suppose baking in the oven 5 times for 3 hour stints at 200 degrees might do that to you. I like to do a rough drawing on the paperclay before I gesso the shoulderplate area. This gives me a sense of what I'm hoping for, but then I can cover it up if it's horrible. The eyebrows need to be redone. They're tricky things because one little directional change can change the whole expression of the doll, even if you leave everything else the same. To see what I mean, cover the right side of her face with your finger and the left side looks attentive. Cover the left side and the right side looks scared. We just can't have our little Izzy coming into this world scared.


Rene said...

I love your work. Would love to share experiences making dolls using paper pulp. I make my doll heads with paper mache. You can find them at I look forward to hearing from you

Doreen Frost said...

Hello Dixie. Your creations are wonderful. I love the basic form you use...I've a similar form drawn out for so long now and done nothing with it. Do you find they topple at all...not being uniform in shape? I was worried about this and therefore have not changed my basic rectangular shape as of yet.

This gal of yours is coming along great. Thanks for sharing all your processes and techniques....I am learning so much from all of you on ECP...It's so nice when everyone is willing to share and help.

Take care

Atticbabys said...

Dix!!!! She is beyond perfect! You have sure got the knack for IWs! Are you sure you didn't take one apart when the owner of Lucys Doll House wasn't looking?? ;-)
I love her already.

village folk art said...

Dix...Thanks for being my inspiration. I was living in VT and working at the time when I discovered a magazine article about IW dolls. I fell in love with them then. Time has passed and thanks to you for I have rediscovered her.
Can't wait for your Workshop Class to begin....

Happy New Year to you and yours,

VFA = Village Folk Art

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keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden