Champion of Thanksgiving Day
My latest doll turned out to have much more fortitude than when I began. As I finished her face, she was no wisp of a girl, but a strong middle-aged woman, painted like a folk art portrait. She made me think of Sara Hale, a woman whose accomplishments mostly happened after she was 40 - who was the champion of Thanksgiving Day. Click the link above to learn more about Sara.

She is now on Ebay.


Carole said...

hi Dixie. i just found your blog. Do you remember me from ECP? It's me CAR, the Rufus Porter muralist and photographer. Come visit my blog and website. I would love to hear from you. Take good care.

Anonymous said...

I must declare ... though she was giving you a hard time... she turned out great!!! I adore your dolly's. I am sharing my two newest dollys on my blog. I am also having a drawing for a name... so if ya know any good classic names..stop by to help me out !!! See ya soon !!@ Hugs,


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