Arctic Air Retreats

It must be really hard to find words to describe what the forecast is going to be in one phrase. Arctic Air Retreats brings up the image of a gathering in the North Pole. What kind of retreat would you have there? Right now my forecast would be "Cold. Wear mittens and boots." that's a mom kind of forecast, isn't it? Today the high is in the low 20's.

This is the time of year when I make decorating decisions based on cabin fever. I long to paint walls the color of ripe canteloupe, or the turquoise of Caribbean waters. There was beautiful soft purple couch on sale at the furniture store and I would have snapped that baby up if I could justify the $$. But in August I would be saying, "What was I thinking?" Plus, I don't think hubby is going to go for a purple couch...unless I remind him of his latest aquarium.

However, a little brightness this time of year is never wasted. So I buy tulips in bright pink. I'm going to be working on some paintings that will bring a memory of warmth into this cold arctic time. ;-)

Dutch Tulips - 3935

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