Gesso, the Artist's Best Friend

I bought this head just after Christmas at Ruby Lane. It had been "helped and helped and helped." I love that phrase, which I read in an auction description about an antique doll that was for sale. This doll had been repaired and completely repainted with something that looks like automobile paint for a finish, in a flat way. Perhaps that was correct, but since she's been repainted I feel that she's fair game for repainting for me. :-) I gave her a coat of gesso, with a few more very thin layers to come.
There's something very redemptive about this process.


Erin said...

nHi there I am a blogger from Nashua NH my hubby use to be from Mexico Maine.. I love your blog..I love gesso!! I was an avid painter years ago!!!

Jo James said...

Looking better already, Dixie. I'm excited to see her all finished!


"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden