Blogspot, I Love You!

I was looking through the archives of my blog and found that many of the pictures of past dolls and paintings that I thought I'd lost are in the archived posts. Yay! Here's one of my favorite paintings, owned by Denise of Wildthread Studios. In some of the stories about Little Red Riding Hood she stops to gather flowers in the meadow on the way to Grandma's house. This is before her traumatic adventure ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Dixie, I love that one too...I'm writing to let you know you've been "tagged"...If you don't know what that means (I didn't), it means you have to share 5 Things That Nobody Knows About You (at least in blogger-land) and the, you get to tag 5 people...see? If you need some examples, you can visit my blog. Have fun! Love, Jane

Michelle said...

I LOVE that pic. Do you have pics of the pieces that I bought from you?? If you don't I would be happy to snap a few and send them.


Unknown said...

Oh Dix,
This is my favorite painting yet!!!!!! Honestly it has everything!!!!!


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