Flower Power Dress

At 5 years old, I was determined to have the blue glasses if I was going to have to have glasses. Apparently in the mid 60's they only had cat glasses in stock. My high forehead reminds me of Izzannah's dolls. My friend Karen had long brown straight hair. I really, really, really wanted long brown straight hair. But I kept getting pixie cuts...Don't you love the flower power dress?

And a friend requested snow pictures....here's some of the lake where we visited yesterday. We got to "walk on water" so to speak - well, frozen water.


Cookie said...

dix, I was 9 when I started wearing my wonderful glasses - they were just like yours only mine were white. lol

I dont see any of the felt bows that were so prominent for this 'do. By the time the school photographer got around to taking our pics, my bow was always crooked from playing kickball with the boys! lol

Jan said...

I still have my glasses like that. I had blue, my sister had pink. I have a Patti Playpal doll from that era that wears them.

My siggy is my first grade picture...don't you just love those old photos!

tj said...

...I absolutely love your work! I just happened upon you via Nan's blog and am happy I did! :o)

...Cute photo - I had a haircut then that looked like my mom put a bowl on my head and cut my hair around it! lol...

...Great blog - Blessings... :o)

Dolls of Yore said...

You were adorable Dix! (and still are!) I didn't have glasses in first grade but I had big cluncky red leather orthopoedic shoes. I hated those things! Thankfully, another little girl at my school thought they were really cool, so each morning when we got off of the school bus we would trade shoes. I wore her sneakers and she wore my orthopoedics! My Ma & Pa paid a lot of money for that kid to have good feet!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dixie, I too had blue cat frames as a girl, with curly hair out of control. And my mom would march me down the street to her hairdresser for the pixie cut! Oh the indignity! But I showed them all with my championship hula-hooping!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the trauma of childhood!!! I had pink glasses, and the straight haired pixie cut...with a cowlick in the bangs...all cut by mom of course!!! What were eye-wear designers thinking?!! NOT!!!

Lana Manis said...

Love the flower power Dixie!

Thank you for the beautiful snow pics ~ I'm still wishing for a big snow here in TN.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Awww man as I kid I always wanted to wear glasses! What a great pic Dix! I'm really diggin' that groovy dress too! :> )

Unknown said...

Oh Dix, I could just hug you!!! I was one of those kids that slid under the radar and the school nurse until i was 13, then i recieved my first pair of glasses, early 70's, I got the 'works', irredesant lenses, rhinstones on the corner of the lense, and colored frames, then i was dubbed Jackie-John after Elton Jonh of course. Needless to say, i lost them on a fishing trip, 4 weeks later, looking over a culvert, i watched them float down stream, never to be seen again! It was bittersweet too! I loved them, but nomore Jackie-John. I love the flower power TOO!!!!


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