If Izannah Met Ludwig

If Izannah met Ludwig would they have been friends? Some of the Greiner dolls have the same stillness of expression that you see in Izannah's dolls. It must be why I love both dollmakers' dolls. But Izannahs dolls seem more like portraits. Anyway, the doll I've been working on is a kind of Izannah-Greiner hybrid. I made a doll for the Ava Grace auction that came from the thought of the maker of Hitty and Izannah collaborating on a doll.

This is the Izzy I used as a model when I was sculpting. One thing I keep missing on my sculpts is the high broad foreheads.

Antique Izannah Walker Doll

I ended up doing a few more layers of painting on my doll - hey, if you're gonna over-paint, then really overpaint!



I'm definitely happier with her at this stage. And she's already trying on fabric so that's a good sign. Thanks for the encouragement from you artists out there!

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