The Joy of Overpainting

Y'know, I overpaint. If I had just drawn some hair on picture number 1, then glazed over it that would have been fine. Perfectionism is the enemy of progress.

But then I decided I should paint her with an underpainting of brown and then add skin tones over that. So here she is in brown stage. I might have stayed with this particular stage but I didn't like the flatness of the brown paint and her eyes were bothering me.

So I decided to add the flesh tones over the brown.

Now she looks like she's put a ton of pancake make-up on. It's time to stop for the day. Maybe tomorrow I will gesso and start again.


Michelle said...

She is coming along nicely! I like her coloring in the photo. Take a rest and you will see her differently in the morning. She is beautiful already!


Anonymous said...

Ah painting...the bain of my existence. I have found for me, the dry brush stipling technique works well for building the color. I go back and forth between 3-4 different skin tones when I do this. I love how the brown underpainted one looks. You go girl!

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden