German Papier Mache Dolls 1760-1860

My interest in antique paper mache dolls led me to buy the book German Papier Mache Dolls 1760-1860 by Christiane Grafnitz. What a beautiful inspiration for a dollmaker! Those of us who make things with paperclay are directly related to these old dollmakers of long ago. If you love old paper mache dolls, then this is the book for you. I happen to have a couple extra copies that I'm offering on Ebay. Get it while you can - it's out of print and listed at Amazon for $68-99. I'm hoping to get more where I got those, we'll see. But I would snag it now

The book has extensive specific discussion about ingredients used to make paper mache in antique dolls, with recipes that are interesting to read (although amounts are not given). Here are some pictures I took of a few pages of my book, to give you a sense of it:

I'm getting all kinds of ideas for dolls and costuming. Delicious! If you're interested in the book Click here

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