Random Antique Doll Pictures

Whenever I go to Lucy's Doll House Shop I take a lot of pictures. Here are a few dolls that I found enchanting. My favorite dolls, other than the Izannah dolls, are the sweet Babyland Rag in the red striped dress and the Columbian Doll in a group picture below. The Babyland is not rare, or even expensive by the standards of many antique dolls, but I just love her.

Click the pictures to see larger versions.

The china in blue was what
drew my attention to this group.
I know next to nothing about them,
but loved this one.

This rabbit below has something to say.
I wonder what it is?

A beautiful redwork alphabet sampler
that the Blue Izzy was holding.

Alabama Baby with red boots above

A favorite of mine - papier mache, I believe.
The bonnet is sooooo wonderful.

Sweet Columbian Doll in pink above.
I believe the one to her right is a Moravian doll.

It was definitely a happy time.


Old World Primitives said...

There is so much eye candy in this post! I would love to visit this shop one day.

maija said...

Thank you very much for sharing pics. I love all these doll.
ops! Tanks for comment in my blog.

Lone Pierette said...

Dixie - the doll in blue and the two china dolls in the back are most likely from Meissen, Germany
hugs Lone

Atticbabys said...

Wonderful pictures Dixie!!!!
I'm in dolly heaven!
The bunny is saying "take me home with you!!!
I love babyland rags too! Ahhhhhhhh!

Sandy Mastroni said...

Great photos [ again ! ]

Anonymous said...
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