Still More Antique Doll Pictures

Here are a few more pictures of my trip to Lucy's Doll House. In a few days I'll take some pictures of my own creations. It's a busy time here in Maine - spring has finally sprung which means there are glorious outside chores to be done.

This little girl above is a favorite of mine.

Tuck Comb Dolls always make me smile
I believe we had our century's equivalent
with beehive hairdos.
Can you imagine carrying off such a hairdo?

Wonderful rag dolls above

a view of small dolls in a case

the tag gives a sense of scale

I couldn't resist taking pictures of a couple of my own creations perched atop a case of Ginny dolls - a large Izannah Walker inspired doll above by me! They don't normally purchase new dolls, but since this one was inspired by my trip to their shop, they bid. Thanks! And I took a picture of my painting with the Izannah doll, just because it does my heart good to see something my hand made next to something her hand made. :-)

Well, that's it for pictures of Lucy's Doll House.
I hope to get back soon.


Sandra Evertson said...

Wow, this was terrific, love seeing all of the wonderful antique dolls! Thanks for the tour!
Sandra Evertson

fiddlestixstudios said...

These pictures are so wonderful!So much inspiration!I LOVE the Tuck Comb doll!How awesome for you to have artwork there!I cannot imagine how great it must feel to see your painting actually sitting beside an authentic Izannah Walker doll!Lucy's Doll House is so lucky to own this painting of yours!

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keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden