It's Tomato Season Again!

I just listed this painting on Ebay. I really enjoy making these Tomato People. Each one has his own personality. My son told me this guy looks like a News Commentator. And in a way, I guess, he looks like he could host AC360. My husband says he looks like he's Second in Command. Maybe. I just think of him as a business farmer checking some fields.

An amended image to brighten the picture


Little Blue Violet said...

I must go see these! I adore tomatoes and my kitchen is decorated in them...heirloom Brandywines are my FAV!!!!

Anonymous said...

Luuuv your painting Dixie! Such character!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

I love ALL your paintings, especially your tomato folks Dix! As you know, I'm a proud owner of your sunflower folk! :> )

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