Josh Alves - Tastes Like Chicken

When I was a girl we always wanted to read "the funnies" while my dad read the boring black and white columns that didn't have any pictures. One of my kids is really, really, really into drawing cartoon characters. Last year he, my husband and some friends went to a comic convention in our area, and met the cartoonist Josh Alves, who does "Tastes Like Chicken" a cartoon in our midweek circular. Each week my son dives into the circular to look at the "Tastes Like Chicken" cartoon, and often brings it over for me to look at. When my son checked out Josh Alves' site I found the above cartoon which I think is very funny and oh, so applicable to many of us in the world right now. If you want to get a laugh, check out Josh Alves' site. Here's a Youtube video that Josh Alves did of the cartoon above - I am sure my son will be studying it!

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