Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

My older son came down this morning and with great ernestness told me it was Dr. Seuss's birthday. It was also a snow day, and so to give the day some cache I said, "Let's call it Dr. Seuss Day, Alex."

Alex liked that, because he got a ghost of a smile on his face. We decided to make a cake in honor of Dr. Seuss, and that Alex would do a presentation of The Cat in the Hat, and that he could watch some Dr. Seuss videos as well. While Alex was going through the videos, one of them fell and broke. It was the Cat in the Hat, alas. Tears and mayhem resulted. I got him calmed down and told him I would find another copy and we would call it Dr. Seuss Week. If you're wondering how I first found Ebay it was a scenario almost exactly like this. So I found a seller who had a VHS Cat in the Hat video to replace the broken one AND she had Dr. Seuss books in the lot that we don't have. Score!

I made the Driest Cake in the World using a cake recipe from The Pepperidge Farm Cookbook. I had to separate the egg yolks from the whites and then whip the whites to stiff peaks and then FOLD the whites into the prepared batter. A lot of work to get a dry cake. My baking encompasses cookies and pies - cakes are my mom's forte, not mine. It's the thought that counts, right? Next time I will buy a Duncan Hines mix. Later in the week we'll get the video and new books and life will be grand.

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