Visiting the Farnsworth Museum

Yesterday my son's class went for a field trip to Rockland, Maine to the Owl's Head Transportation Museum. This was the first major trip for my son with this particular class. My son has autism, and we weren't sure how he would do for that long, so I drove down to Rockland, Maine to be on call just in case he needed to go home earlier than the plan for the class was. He did great and rode the bus on the way home. Success!

Luckily for me, there is a great art museum in Rockland, and it was a beautiful mid-winter no-coat kind of day. I spent the morning looking at paintings, and then had lunch at the Brass Compass (awesome Maine shrimp!) and walked around town a bit. After lunch I went back to the Farnsworth museum to take pictures. The Farnsworth allows you to take pictures of the non-Wyeth paintings, and so I did. After looking carefully at so many wonderful paintings I stepped outside and everything I saw seemed to be art. Because that's a piece of being an artist - really looking at things.

Beautiful winter garden below...

The light in this hidden corner intrigued me.

And I couldn't resist taking a picture of this fire alarm box. When my son was little, he was quite enamored with these. He was drawn to them like a magnet. For a time, the first thing I did when entering a public building was to scan visually for the fire alarm pulls and boxes. I learned to without announcement or fanfare put my body between him and any fire alarms. I'm so happy he's beyond that now.

One last thing - I know it doesn't look like it,
but since I posted this girl's picture in the
last post she went to dark brown hair,
black hair and then back again to this.

I am done with her, Mandy, really.
Mandy owns one like this with original paint.


Lone Pierette said...

Dixie , she looks wonderful now ! Don´t change her any more !
hugs, Lone

Anonymous said...
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