The Joys of Life - Playing Tag with Waves

Some years ago we went for a little trip to a southern Maine beach. This is a picture of my two boys on that day. It was breezy, so my older son was squinting against the sun and the sandy wind. My little guy was having a blast running away from the waves. Remember that? Playing tag with the waves? Today I was thinking that we leave so many things behind that we don't have to. We can still...
  • lay on our bellies and watch ants in the grass
  • listen to the birds call to one another
  • close your eyes and really feel the breeze
  • look at the clouds and find shapes in them
  • sit under a tree with a good book
  • fly a kite
  • plant a marigold seed for Mother's Day ;-)
  • make stick puppets out of comic book characters
  • sew some apple blossoms together to make a lei
  • build a fort
Some of these things may take a little longer, or be harder to do, but it's important to keep some of the basic joys of life in mind as we plan our days. Yesterday I planted seeds and it was so fun getting my hands all dirty!

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Unknown said...

Oh you forgot make dancing ladys out of clover and that dang creeping weed, my girls still remember that. What a special blog, Dix, yes the world is spinning so fast isnt it! No one really slows down to do the simple things. LOL when i was 18 i up and moved to Seaside Cali, I got tagged by a hug wave and kelp!

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden