Laughter IS Good Medicine

Recently I had a really good laugh with one of my sisters. The gut-wrenching kind that hurts and you cry. We were talking about hairstyles, and some of the horrors we have had.

Once she came to visit me when she was young and went to get a perm at the local beauty school. When she came out I started laughing uncontrollably. I know that wasn't nice but I couldn't help it. She's a red-head and let's just say this was 1980's and strawberry blond fro's were out of style. With a murderous look on her face she got in the car and said in a clipped voice, "I need barrettes NOW."

She quipped, "Yeah, it might have only cost $12, but it took SIX hours."

But I got my just reward for laughing at her. Later in life I went to the Jordan Marsh salon in Peabody, Mass, and I was this hairstylist's first haircut out of school. Her own hairstyle should have been a cue to politely excuse myself. But I couldn't do it, because I was taught to be nice. She cut all my hair off to about an inch all over my head, including my bangs. When she got done, she looked at me in horror with big buggy tear-filled eyes and whispered, "I'm sorry...this is my first haircut. Do you want to talk with the manager?" It was a really, really horrible haircut.

My sister asked, "What did you do?"

I answered, "I tipped her."


Maureen said...

Dixie this was so fun to read. I know what you mean by a good laugh especially with a sister. Our laughs are not necessarily around hair but we always did get a kick out of the saying, "Hair today Gone tomorrow":)

Jane said...

What a good story Dixie. You should see my smile right now. That senario happens to me on a less extreme level nearly every time I get my hair cut. I rarely like it...and I always tip them! Then later I go somewhere else and have someone else fix it and tip them too...I have went to up to 3 places paying and tipping all the while just to get things done the way I want it. Only once did I find someone who understood me and my hair...and then we moved.

I liked reading what your dad sent too in the post above...You are both good writers.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden