What is your unique viewpoint?

What is your unique viewpoint?

This past week I was going to have a potato for lunch. But when I picked it up, it was so interesting to look at that I stopped to take a picture before I cooked it up for lunch. I remember at the time I thought this was kind of weird, that I was taking a picture of a potato, that I seemed to need to document this vegetable. It crossed my mind, "What would other people think if they could see me taking a picture of a potato?"

I've always been like this. I remember as a girl at Cold Stream I could spend hours picking up stones from the lake bottom. I'd pull them out of the water, and turn them over in my hand, looking this way and that. I loved to look at the different colors and see what that rock could become -was it in the shape of a foot, or a head or a car, or what? Once I found one in the shape of a foot, and painted it up, complete with toenails. I showed it to one of my aunts, and she said, "Well, aren't you clever? I wouldn't have seen that in a rock."

I am thankful that I can see the beauty in something as ordinary as a red potato. It's important to be able to see as an artist. Because it's not just the way you put the paint or put the art media down - it's what your viewpoint is that's important.

What is your unique viewpoint?


kelep said...

Looks like a big, puckered-up kiss to me!

- Kellie

Dixie Redmond said...

Ha ha! Or an old person without their teeth...

Maureen said...

this potato is to funny. I just keep looking at it andlaughing.It is worth the time it took to take the photo.

Cookie said...

we used to do this very thing with Popcorn everytime we'd go to my Nans. I also remember long lazy afternoons laying in the field staring up at the clouds :)

Unknown said...

This tater , if ya turn it sideways like 2 people smoochin'....


"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden