Izannah Walker Workshop

In the fall I will be offering an online class for those who want to learn to create an Izannah Walker inspired doll and for those who just want to learn more about the original dolls' construction. This Izannah Walker Workshop will be designed for those who have made dolls before, and for those who have used creative paperclay before. The class will include an Izannah Walker pattern designed by me, a tutorial showing how to make the inspired pattern, and a tutorial showing how to sculpt an Izannah inspired paperclay head over the cloth body. I will also provide access to photos of construction details I have taken of original Izannah Walker dolls (these have not been posted online before). Since 2006 I have spent hundreds of hours and many more dollars traveling to places and documenting original Izannah Walker dolls, which I have shared freely on the Izannah Walker Chronicles. In this class I will share what I've learned in seeing the original dolls and making dolls inspired by Izannah's.  

UPDATE as of 1-20-11 - you can still join the Izannah Walker Workshop.  Go to 


Lone Pierette said...

YEAH - sign me up , please !

Anonymous said...

I'm interested so please keep us updated...thanks ;) I took Jane's class and loved it.

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