Happy Father's Day!

My granddad Herb
with my Aunt Anita as a baby

My great great grandfather Joshua below

His son James with the team of oxen

Great Grandpa Jim later in life below,
doing something he enjoyed more,
if family history is correct.

My grandfather Herb below
with my dad and his cousin as boys

My dad Jim and his father Herb.

My granddad Herb

Granddad below at Cold Stream Pond

My father, below...

Dad helping my sister untangle something....

Dad with his first two grandkids...

The present generation below
came from all these guys above...

Happy Father's Day!


Jane said...

What a cool tribute to the dads! Also, I love that new painting at the top. I think I remember when you did that one. You have such style my friend!

kkimins said...

I love your blog!! I came to you through cloth & clay and have enjoyed reading your posts - love your work too.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden