Moldy Muffins and Happy Accidents

Today when I got up I saw one of my family members had left the butter out and a little bug had met its demise in the butter. For some reason, it made me think of the Old Sargents, who would have probably ignored the bug and used the butter anyway. Waste not, want not. I remembered a time when I went to my Granddad's house as a teenager. Granddad said, "Dixie, we have some delicious blueberry muffins! Help yourself, dear."

So I went to get a muffin and when I did one side of the muffin was blue-green with mold. Of course, I had to point that out, and said, "Granddad, this muffin is moldy."

Grandddad said, "Oh, Dixie, that won't hurt you. You get your penicillin for free today!"

This story shows my Granddad's character - he was usually one to look on the positive side of life. That doesn't come naturally to me - some part of me is usually preparing for a calamity and watching for signs of said calamity on the horizon. I have to work to be positive, and on some days I am successful.

After thinking about this memory, I decided to read a bit about penicillin and found out that the bacteria fighting powers of the penicillin in mold was discovered by accident. I love that!

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