What's Blooming?

Bridal Wreath - Shrub

Sunday night at the baseball field another mom and I were talking about gardens. She is in a major endeavor in planting a perennial garden. My garden is a huge mess, but this won't be the year it gets rehabbed, because this year we're getting our house sided. Next year is the year to tend to the landscape. The discussion prompted me to go out to the garden to see what is blooming right now on this day. First up is Siberian Iris. I don't know the cultivar, but it looks a lot like Caesar's Brother...

Below is a rhododendron
that is massive and a pain
but blooms like this...
you cannot kill this thing,
although it can look pretty sickly
when it's not blooming.

The rhododenron and the wild roses
are presently in an epic battle.

Common lemon daylily -
very fragrant, short bloom season
but lovely and doesn't spread as much
as the orange roadside daylily.

Peonies below -
don't know the cultivar
but they are bright pink
when they bloom.

Below is Baptisia Australis
aka Wild False Indigo.
Originally a prairie plant,
it can withstand a lot.
I love this plant for it's foliage.

These are the leaves of the common
orange roadside daylily are below.
It acts as a great screen but is also a pain
as it spreads "beautifully."
A good trait in its own spot,
but not so much in the perennial garden.

The bleeding heart below is about to go by -
but I was able to stem with blooms on it.

Daylily foliage

will yield these blossoms come summer...

In the meantime the daylily foliage
acts as a screen for the"Globemaster" alliums.
I planted the alliums last year. They were at
my old house and they reminded me of Dr. Suess.
The foliage is nothing to speak of
so they're good to plant behind other plants
like bleeding heart or daylilies...

Another smaller allium...

I'm suddenly struck by a good idea....
All these blooming plants are
scattered around the yard.
What if I planted all these plants
in the
same garden?

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"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden