A Tweaked Pattern

NOTE as of 12-01-09 - Since I shared this free pattern. I have released my Izannah Walker Doll Pattern.  The newer pattern is more true to original Izannah Walker dolls. If you're interested in the new pattern that closely follows the original dolls, click here to visit the Izannah Walker Workshop site.

I love seeing the creations that people make using this free pattern.  When you post a picture of your doll on your blog or in a selling site, please  put the following information in your description of the doll you've made.   A link to this site would be nice, too.  

""This doll was made with 
Dixie Redmond's free doll pattern" 

NOTE - If you use this pattern to make a doll, please attribute the design of the pattern to Dixie Redmond in your pictures that you post online.   This pattern is provided for your own personal use.  

Today I tweaked this pattern I made in 2007.  What you see above is the tweaked version.  Print the above pattern on an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper (standard size). It should make up a doll in the 10-12 inch range, depending on decisions you make while making it. It's a template pattern where you trace around the shapes with a pencil on cloth and sew directly onto the drawn lines. Then you turn and stuff very firmly. The head is sized to be able to add paperclay over the cloth. I usually prime the cloth head and shoulders with gesso before adding the paperclay. Anyway, if you try this pattern, please send along a picture of what you make. Join the Maida Dolls Group if you'd like to be in a group with other doll makers interested in making antique inspired dolls.  


Teresa Wooden said...

I ran across your pattern today,for the Izannah doll,thank you for sharing,I love your work,I just hope my dolls look at least something like yours. Thanks again.Teresa Wooden.

Dixie Redmond said...

You're welcome, Teresa. Just start making things and you will find your path!

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden