Busy, busy, busy!

Take a simple pattern, and stitch together.

Gesso the head and shoulders.
Gesso is an interesting product. You can
get it in white, black, burnt sienna,
yellow ochre and Venetian red.

While I'm waiting for the gesso to dry
I've been working on pattern prototypes.

I've made 5 different head pieces today.
This girl has a funky angle on the side of her head.
She won't qualify for an Izannah head base,
but she might become a one of a kind doll.

I'm pleased with my progress today.


The Creative Bohemian said...

You HAVE been busy. Good for you.

I do have a question if you don't mind...

I love using gesso, and use it alot, but find it can be very pricey. Do you have anywhere special that you purchase it for a reasonable price?

Dixie Redmond said...

It is pricy. I haven't found any special sources - if you live near a city it's cheaper because you don't have to pay shipping. You can buy it at chain craft stores like Michael's or A. C. Moore - usually by the quart. It's cheaper to buy by the gallon, if you use a lot of it. What I would do is buy the gallon and the portion it into smaller containers. I find the larger containers get mucky sooner because of the air space left over.

I do buy paperclay in bulk and that definitely saves me a lot of money over buying it at a craft store.

The Creative Bohemian said...

Thanks for your answer, Dixie. I use both the gesso and the paperclay and because I don't have a tax id (yet) I find myself waiting for Michael's and AC Moore coupons to buy it for half price, but then I can only buy one at a time and I really would like it in bulk.
I really have to do a business dba to get that tax number and purchase wholesale.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden