Izannah Walker Workshop

I received the following email asking about the Izannah Walker Workshop in late October.
"I'm curious about your Izannah Walker Workshop in October. Can you give me more info such as, what it's about, when, where, how to sign up?"

And here's my answer...

"The Izannah Walker Workshop will be an online class focused on making an Izannah Walker inspired folk doll. The class will begin in late October. Those who pay the membership fee for the class will receive an Izannah Walker Inspired pattern designed by me based on my research about Izannah Walker dolls. The class will have a message board so that members can interact with one another and ask questions about the pattern. I will be the moderator of the online message board and the class. I am still deciding whether I want to have written tutorials or if I can figure out how to do video instruction. The fee for the class will be based on what kinds of features I include. I've developed a hand tutorial which I've shared, and I'm hopeful this will be representative of the class.

I write a blog about Izannah Walker dolls called the Izannah Walker Chronicles. I've spent a few years researching and traveling to take pictures of original Izannah Walker dolls. Part of the scope of the class will be sharing some pictures of construction details that I haven't posted online before."
If you're interested in more information about the Izannah Walker Workshop then please email me asking to be part of the Izannah Walker Workshop list. Thanks!

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