Fun at the Doll House

Yesterday I drove down to Camden to visit Lucy's Doll House. I took along my body prototype, which is getting very close, and placed it beside an original Izannah doll. This was a very good thing to do, as I was able to see areas that need tweaking. The shop was decked out for Christmas - and the Izannah in the red dress fit perfectly.

While I was there,
I took a few pictures of
some other lovelies.

The Babyland Rag below
has the sweetest face.

Her companion doll was interesting to see.

The faded face tells of hours
spent with children.

She has a gusset in the top of her head.
And the cloth was almost satin.
Maybe it was satin?

Mitten hands...

The shape of her arms and legs
made me wonder if she was
a Babyland Rag as well.
Or perhaps another Bruckner doll?

A classic Babyland Rag style hat...

A lovely wooden...

nearby was collection of dolls under a glass dome...

A no nonsense cloth doll
of an earlier time below
with an oil painted face.
She is definitely her own woman!

And full circle to the reason I went!

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Atticbabys said...

Never a dull moment on your blog Dixie!! I just love visiting here... Thankyou for more amazing pictures!
Wish I could move into Lucy's Doll House!!!


"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden