Learning New Skills

Here's a list of things I'd like to learn in the coming year art-wise and other-wise...
  • Screen-printing - I used to do a lot of printmaking in my art and I want to revisit that. So I bought a couple of books on it but I think finding an online or local workshop class on it would be good. I love the apron above and it was printed.
  • Upload video presentations- it's one thing to describe pivoting with a sewing machine, and it's another thing to show pivoting in a video.
  • Learn to design my own blog background.
  • Rework my work areas - clean them out and really analyze what's working and what's not. Improve what's not.
  • Sew a doll completely by hand - a couple of the people in the Izannah Walker Workshop are making their dolls completely by hand from start to finish. I am amazed at people who do that, and want to try it with at least ONE doll. I have a book called Doll Making by E. J. Taylor, and there is a very sweet rag doll in it that I'd like to make as a companion doll to one of my Izannahs.
  • Design another doll pattern - but this time I want it to be outside of the box and not necessarily inspired by a particular antique doll, although I am sure my love for antique cloth dolls will come through. :-) I really loved the engineering process involved in what happens to the volume of the doll when you move a seam this way or that.
  • Take a class or two online. I signed up for one today on marketing with KC Willis because I saw it mentioned on Maureen of Urban Pastures blog. So for those who gave me money for Christmas you bought me a class in marketing!
  • Begin gardening again - take the section of my yard in the front between the driveway and the door we use most and really work at the landscaping.

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"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden