What's In A Name? How to Choose a Business Name

The pictures in this post have to do with direction or launching. What the post is really about is naming a business.

Our family launching a float at the lake back in the 80's.

Seth Godin has interesting posts about naming businesses here and here. In the old days, choosing a name that was descriptive of what you do was the way to go. As in Strong's Wellbuilt Houses or Sugarman's Grocery. But nowadays that's not so much the way to go, according to Seth.

I did not spend hours and hours and hours figuring out the perfect business name. What I really did was take my email address at the time and plunk the name Designs after it. How'd I choose my email address at the time? Well, my name is Dixie, and that was taken. Dixie is a southern name, but I live in the northeastern corner of the U. S. , so there you have it, Northdixie. A kind of dry joke. Kind of like Balancing Rabbits, which I think would be a really good band or book name.

Regarding Balancing Rabbits, if you use that, please link to this post so we can both be famous. I think the phrase "balancing rabbits" would be a good descriptor for attempting a difficult task which requires concentration and the understanding that things could go awry at any moment. "I've been balancing rabbits all day" would be a good thing to say at the end of a challenging day. But I digress.

Sometimes when my husband wants to get my attention he'll say, "Hey, Northdixie!" If I were starting again I might choose a different name. But now I have settled into my name. It describes who I am, and what I do.

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