Friends I've Never Met

I have a phrase I use a lot when I talk to family about friends I've met online.  I'll use someone's name in conversation and they'll ask, "WHO?"

And then I'll say, "Oh, she's one of my friends I've never met."   

I love this so much.  My life has been enriched in so many ways by these friends I've never met.  I've talked with them by phone, and emailed, and yes, seen pictures of them.  And longed to meet them. 

Last week, Edyth O'Neill and her husband Jack became friends I've met.  Edyth O'Neill and her husband were traveling in Maine and I was able to take a day and drive down to Portland and spend with them.  What a day it was!  We visited in the Old Port and then drove to some great spots in Cape Elizabeth.  We had lunch at the "Lobster Shack" on the rocks at Two Lights. 

After that we went to some antique shops.  It was fun to see Jack and Edyth in action in the shops.  They have a wide knowledge base about early things. 

Edyth and I have been emailing back and forth for a few years now.  I have learned so much from her about antique dolls and art-making and approaching life with a sense of joy.   It's so fun that  these "friends I've never met" that has crossed over to the "friends I've met" category.   I'm so glad.  Edyth and I have hatched plans for another adventure, but I'll write about that later.  

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"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden