More on Making Christmas Ornaments


I have fond childhood memories of going to the local elementary school for a holiday bazaar sponsored by the Stillwater Federated Church.  It always amazed me what those ladies could do with pine cones! 

Making christmas ornaments  is fun this time of year, and helps me remember those charming childhood ornaments that were often sold for 50 cents.  Now I am dating myself, aren't I?  Last year I did a post on on making christmas ornaments  which had recipes for homemade clays and  links to other intersting sites.  If you missed that post, click here.

Making Old-Fashioned Santas by Candie Frankel and Beverly Karcher is a fun  book.  It got good reviews on Amazon and I would give it good reviews, too.  I still haven't made a Santa, but I want to!  ;-)  has a wonderful supplie of spun cotton shapes if you'd like to make some vintage and antique inspired ornaments.  Combing the shapes in different ways would make for some whimsical creations.

Google Patents has some fun things to discover if you search through the old patents which are now public doman.  The image above for a kind of paper garland was found there.  Here's the link to the original patent for the garland.  

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