Taking the Time to Really Look


Yesterday I went to the Hampden Natural Foods and bought garlic.  The woman at the checkout counter in the store beamed and said, "THIS is award-winning garlic."   Apparently it won a competition in Bar Harbor, Maine.  I said, "Don't you love it that the world has award-winning garlic?"

That garlic was there because someone had selected the seed, grown it, nurtured it, crossed it with another kind, etc.  That takes incredible focus.  Someone took the time to really study garlic.  To grow award winning garlic.  I understand this, because in 1999 I was growing 21 varieties of heirloom tomatoes.  


When I've purchased garlic in the past,  I haven't thought much beyond the recipe calling for so many cloves of garlic.  There are two general types of garlic - hard necked and soft necked.  And within those two broad categorie there are said to be over 600 cultivated sub-varieties of garlic in the world   Yes, my geeky-ness is showing and I embrace it.   The fact that there are 600 varieties of garlic speaks to God's creativity and playfulness and attention to detail.   Isn't that amazing?

Garlic isn't my thing, but I usually have something I'm studying deeply in my life.   This season of my life my "deep study" has been focused on Izannah Walker dolls.   No, world peace does not rest on the study of Izannah Walker dolls.  That's why they have been a good thing to study, there isn't a lot of anxiety attached to it!   But there is joy, because to me, Izannah's works express beauty and ingenuity and perseverance.  Important things to bring to the table of life. 


I know these studies of Izannah's works will inform my next creative steps.  That they are a path through to something that is entirely my own.  A kind of training ground.  It will be interesting to see what that is, and I look forward to it.  

Garlic, anyone?  The lady at Hampden Natural Foods told me I can plant this garlic.  I've never grown garlic, but I'm going to try. 



Hardin County Keepsakes said...

Thanks Dixie.
I quoted you on my blog.It is so true what you say ,so well, about "the path." Wish I could write as well.
I have planted garlic but forgot to dig it.
judy j

Anonymous said...

Dixie what a playful post, I really enjoyed it. Oh how I love your queen anne Izannah she turned out GREAT!

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden