The Fun of De-Stashing

Through the magic of the internet I found Debra Spincic, a quilt artist from Texas.  Oh, my.   She is destashing her quilt room and has put some quilts on Etsy at $100 to make room for new projects.   You've got to check out her quilts on Etsy.   The quilt above is coming to my house for my living room which I have renamed The Happy Room.    It has the perfect amount of lightness and whimsy.  And look at the use of red!  The quilt above is meant to be used and washed and dried  in a house where boys and a dog live.  I'm so excited!

Debra has some amazing art quilts, particularly a series called "What Birds Saw."  You really need to see that series, so visit Debra's Etsy Shop.  You can also visit Debra's blog, she seems like a woman who enjoys life and creating.   She has a lot of tabs at the top - check out the "interpret this" quilts.

I'm doing some de-stashing of my own, and will be sending Debra some fabrics I won't use but they are wonderful for a quilter who does art quilts. 



Hill Country House Girl said...

Love her art/quilts. Does't it just make you smile when you come across such beauty, creativity and inspiration? Thank you, again, Dixie!

Heather said...

wow, that quilt is gorgeous! I so love the look of these handmade quilts...I need to get brave and do it one day :)

JDConwell said...

Oh, what a treasure you have there. I love the look of "what was on hand" but there is definitely light and balance and art in this quilt. Love it.
...and now, off to see this lady's shop.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden