Lucy's Doll House Spring 2011

Wooden doll....Joel Ellis with metal hands and feet
Today I got to drive down to visit Lucy's Doll House.  It is always fun to see what's new and talk with the wonderful people there.   Today I took my latest Izannah inspired doll, because, er....I wanted to sit her beside one of the original Izzies and see how she looked size-wise, etc.  I know that's kind of wacky, but it was kind of a hoot for me to see how she felt amongst the royalty.  My doll is the one with the pink and white pinner apron on below...the others are antique Izannah Walker dolls that have seen some adventures in their 150 years of living.

Dixie Redmond Izannah inspired doll, front left
with two antique Izannah dolls who have seen 150 years of adventure.

As usual, it was great fun to see what they have in the shop,
and I took pictures so I could share with you.
Click the pictures to enlarge them.

Kitty pull toy

Doll house rooms

Brown-eyed china doll with some happening hands!




JDConwell said...

As I live so far down here, it'll take a miracle for me to ever get to see this THANK YOU! I love Lucy's Doll House. :~)

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Dixie your doll fit right in and looked perfect with her new (150 year old) friends! Your work is just outstanding!
Tina xo

Rebecca said...

Oh Dix, What a joyful day you had! Your Izzy fits in perfectly with her ancestors! Wonderful post, thanks!

Dixie Redmond said...

Thank you all. It was really fun to visit and finally be able to bring along a finished doll.

If you're into miniatures, they have some AMAZING things in the shop. The carousel was magical.

McNally School said...

The photo of the dolls walking down the stairs is like a fairy tale come true. Thanks for the great post!

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