Post Titles That Would Be Fun to Write

I will get back to art.  
I'm incubating ideas while I do other organizing stuff.   
My kids are on vacation and they need direction.   

I have a house blog.  It was my pre-Pinterest visual to-do list for changing the way my house functions and looks.  On my house blog I write things like "The Happy Room Gets a Quilt."   The Happy Room is a kind of metaphor in progress for my life.  Moving from "dreary" to happy in a real physical space.  I read somewhere (?) that making physical changes in your house leads to other kinds of changes.   I think that's true.  The energy of setting something in motion leads to other changes.

Small changes that cost little can net big results.  I've been cleaning my kitchen cupboards out and reorganizing things to make it function better.    I came across this solution for spices, which used a tension rod in the cupboard.   I upsized the idea for a small shower stall in my house, and  a $6 shower stall tension rod solved storage issues.

Anyway, back to post titles.  In my search for ideas for improving my kitchen I came across a Martha Stewart picture, went to her blog and read a post entitled "Holiday Lunch for My Bedford Staff."   That would be a fun title to write!  It would be fun because it means she has a crew of people doing the stuff she doesn't want to do.  HELLO, I would love that!  Martha isn't cleaning her grout with a toothbrush. That's what the Bedford Staff do.  Having no "Bedford Staff" I can't write that post title.  I can write "New Ways With Old Grout."  That will set the blogosphere all aflutter.  I have 25 year old bathroom floors with one inch tiles I want to replace but in the meantime I could at least spiff up the grout. 

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Mary Ann Tate said...

I'm re-organizing too:) It got to the point that I was having a hard time shutting some of the draws in my kitchen because certain members of my family never put things back where they belong. Then I realized that I have triplicates of some things...why? I think there is a garage sale in my future:)

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden