What I Want to Do In the New Year

Instead of making resolutions, I list what I want to do in the New Year.   It's important that it not be the "ought" list, but the "want" list.  
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Things I want to do this year:

Learn how to do at least three things that are new to me.  I really believe that learning new things is good for the heart and soul.   
  1. Learn about fabric design.   
  2. Learn about screen-printing   
  3. Learn how to convert a PDF book to a print-on-demand book through Amazon.
  4. Learn to build a piece of furniture.
Design a doll pattern that would be a fun one for mothers and grandmothers to make for kids.

Complete some projects begun in 2011

Begin a book

Go on a trip with my family

Improve one of the bathrooms in my house:
  1. Replace Floor
  2. Paint walls and cabinetry
  3. Replace toilet
  4. Paint woodwork. 
Improve my kitchen - not all the improvements will be done this year, but we can do a few:
  1. Paint cabinets
  2. Install pullouts in base cabinets
  3. Replace countertop
  4. Figure out the peninsula, there's a bottlenck walking into the ktichen
  5. Apply molding to soffit
I want to enjoy nature more - as in do some easy hiking.  This means leaving the house  ;-)

This is not exhaustive.  These are the first things that came to mind...

What about you?  
What do you want for the coming year? 


Rebecca said...

Like you philosophy, Dix! I'm with ya!

Debra said...

Your list has inspired me to make my own. I love learning new things, so I'll start there. God bless you.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden